Your skin type explained

Do you know your skin type??
Having a good understanding of your skin type is vital when choosing products to treat and care for it.
Our range uses highly effective natural ingredients that can be used on all skin types. However when you are looking to target particular skin concerns there will be certain products that will be more beneficial to your needs then others.
The skin is commonly catergorised into five types.

Normal Skin

Your skin is generally well balanced and when skin concerns arise they are usually easy and quick to treat. A normal skin type tends to have small pores, few fine lines, an even skin tone and little to no blemishes.
A normal skin type requires products to help maintain your skin health and to protect against external environmental factors.

Dry skin

Your skin produces less oil then those with normal skin. You are more likely to experience wrinkles and your skin can appear tight, rough and flakey. A dry skin type can find it more difficult to retain moisture and is often more vulnerable to external environmental factors.
A dry skin type requires products that deeply nourish, protect and help prevent water loss.

Oily Skin

Your skin produces excess oil (sebum) and tend to experience a shine to your face. An oily skin type tends to have larger pores, be more prone to blackheads, whiteheads and more persistent breakouts that can be harder to treat. Acne on oily skin often looks red, shiny and inflamed.
An oily skin type requires products that balance oil products and help heal and treat breakouts.

Combination Skin

Your skin tends to show signs of two skin types present at the same time. (eg, both oily and dry areas may appear on different parts of the face.)
A combination skin type requires products that help balance the oil production, nourish and hydrate without compromising balance.

Sensitive Skin

Your skin often experiences irritation, inflammation and redness. Your skin is often more sensitive and reactive to products and environmental factors. 
A sensitive skin type responds well to products that do not contain harsh chemicals and ingredients and requires products that are gentle, calming and protective.

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