What you need to know about switching to a natural deodorant.

We have recently added Bare + Free natural deodorant to the Blush Essentials store and I thought I would do a quick intro post to the brand and fill you in on why I love it so much. We are also featuring a Q&A with Bare + Free founder and owner Marianne to give you a few tips on transitioning to a natural deodorant and a little about the brand.

I switched from supermarket deodorants many many years ago. I have sensitive skin and many ingredients cause rashes and flare ups for me including deodorants. In fact I have had reactions so bad from deodorant in the past I had to take a day off work it was so itchy and painful I couldn't  wear my uniform. So I have been on a quest to find the best in all aspects of natural beauty since then.

I made the switch to Bare + Free in November and haven't look back. Before trying Bare & Free I was using another natural deodorant from doterra and although I didn't mind it but i didn't love it either and have been very happy to find this beautiful brand and welcome it to our store.

Why I love Bare & Free :

Toxic free

Beautifully branded

Tropical Scent

Easy squeeze tube

Long lasting a tube will last you a minimum of two months. Mine is still going at three months in fact.

Aussie made & owned

It's Fun, Fresh + Convenient!

Bare + Free a natural deodorant for women everywhere who want to live free of toxins when it comes to there personal care items. Skincare does not just stop at the face, you need to think of your whole body too and don't forget your underarms. 

A pure, clean and highly effective natural deodorant that is free of aluminum, parabens and other harsh chemicals. This multitasking formula offers odour protection and nourishing ingredients to soothe, soften and protect your underarms all while allowing your skin to breathe.

Bare + Free is infused with beautiful ingredients including coconut, lime and pineapple extract which evokes the summery active lifestyle Australians love, while being packaged in a fully recyclable squeeze tube to make dispensing easy and convenient. 

I have asked Marianne Goldman the founder and owner of Bare + Free to answer a few questions about the brand for us and to give us some tips on transitioning to a natural deodorant

Q1. Firstly, tell us a bit about how Bare & Free was born ??
In a nutshell, Bare + Free started when my youngest daughter didn't like the smell of the natural deodorant I had purchased for us to try. Looking at the ingredients list, I had all of the core ingredients in my cupboard so I played around with some batches, added a yummy tropical scent of coconut and lime and tried her again, which was received much better. It made me think how much I enjoy using a product when it smells great (& works great) and thought I wouldn't be the only one out there. So my research began, reading the reviews on every natural deodorant to see what people liked and didn't like, then taking my ideas to a cosmetic chemist who fine tuned my formula to create what Bare + Free is today.  
Q2. Why choose Bare & Free?? 
Bare + Free is a highly effective natural deodorant that is free of aluminiums, parabens and other nasties. Formulated with beautiful ingredients including coconut, lime and pineapple, Bare + Free also nourishes and protects your underarms leaving them soothed, softened and odour free for up to 12 hours. Plus we are Australia's first natural deodorant paste to be packaged in a fully recycable squeeze tube which makes dispensing and applying quick and easy! 
Q3. What tips can you recommend when transitioning to a natural deodorant??
My three biggest tips for transitioning to a natural deodorant are:
1. Patience! If you think about how many years you have been applying mainstream chemical filled antiperspirants and deodorant under your arms, you are going to have to allow yourself a good 2-6 weeks for your body to release all that build up. 
2. Use a Mask! Apply a clay base detoxifying mask under your arms a couple of times a week for the first week or two. Most of us would have a mask that we use for our face, so next time you are mixing up, apply some to your underarms! This will help to speed up the process.
3. Embrace the sweat! Our bodies are designed to sweat and after some time going natural, you will find that you will actually begin to sweat less. What a lot of people don't know is that our sweat doesn't smell, it is the bacteria on the skin's surface that is the cause of body odour. When we sweat and it hits the bacteria, this is when we begin to smell but using Bare + Free will eliminate this problem! 
Q4. How do you practice self care?
I practice self care in so many different ways... I may take a bath, go for a walk with a friend, sit outside and enjoy the fresh air, play some music. There is definitely no right or wrong way to practice self care, just do whatever you need to do to enjoy a moment for yourself. 
Q5. Describe your perfect day??
Hmmm my perfect day, this varies between holiday perfect day or work perfect day hahaha so let's do my holiday perfect day ... I would wake up naturally (no one pushing me out of bed), go for a nice walk along the beach, have a bit of a swim and enjoy the sun, sand and salt, stop by my favourite cafe for breakfast and coffee, a pre lunch massage or visit to the hairdressers. A delicious lunch, followed by reading a book/magazine or listening to a podcast, then head out for sneaky spritzer before a yummy asian dinner and then bed! 
Thank you Marianne!
So if you are thinking about making the switch you can check out Bare & Free on our website here.
As per Marianne's tips you can use a clay mask on your underarms so if you have one of our Blush Essentials clay masks you now have another use for it. Brilliant!
Check out our Blush Essentials clay masks here
Have you made the switch to a natural deodorant yet? Let us know in the comments. Any questions or queries welcome.

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