What can damage the skin barrier???

What can damage the skin barrier?

The main function of the skin is to protect the body from the external environment.
The skin barrier function refers to the outer most layer of the skin and its ability to prevent water loss and to prevent harmful microorganisms and irritants entering the body.
Sometimes we can do things that damage and strip our natural protective layer.
What can damage the skin barrier function?

Skincare related factors:

- over exfoliation

- over cleansing

- alcohol based products

- high dosages of essential oils

- using too hot water

Sometimes doing to much of a good thing can have the reverse effect you are looking for. Over cleansing and exfoliating will strip the skin of its natural oils and can cause skin conditions to worsen.

I personally love essential oils and they do have a place in skincare however, overuse and using them incorrectly (eg in high doses, not diluted correctly) can cause irritation and sensitivity.

Other factors:

- weather and climate

- sun exposure

- poor diet

- alchohol

- high amounts of caffeine

- age

- illness

Signs of a damaged skin barrier:

You will know your skin barrier function has been compromised when you notices signs of redness, inflammation, dehydration, itchiness, flakiness or acne flare-ups.

What can I do :

Go back to basics. Look into your beauty routine closely. Avoid products toxins, irritants, alcohols and harsh ingredients. Take a step back for a week or so. Simplify your skincare routine with the essentials.

Read the labels and look for products that are safe for sensitive skin. You want to nurture and nourish your skin. Hydration and repair are your first goals.

Avoid hot water on the skin.

Manage stress. Yes skin concerns and issues can be a cause of stress for many but start looking at your skincare from all areas products, diet, sleep, stress management and environment. Your skin is your largest organ and needs care from the inside out.

Wear sunscreen. Protect your skins barrier by wearing a daily SPF, wear hats and stay in the shade when possible. Don't undo all your hard skincare work by missing this crucial step.

Lastly give it time. Skincare miracles do not happen over night it takes time and consistency for your skin to repair itself.

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