StarSign Scent Guide

Your star sign in a fragrance

Your StarSign Scent Guide is here. Although we wish you could smell these amazing blends through the screen you can't. You can only go off the love, time and dedication put into each creation. Founder, owner and maker of Star Sign Scents Sasha deBretton has put together you guide here and all the words and descriptions below come directly from her and the StarSign Scent HQ.

StarSign Scents are a 100% natural fragrance specially blended with essential oils cleverly crafted to match your exact personality traits and bring out the best version of you.

Incorporating your related star sign flowers and using only the best 100% natural essential oils that enhance your mood, improve your health and wellbeing and invoke confidence in the way you smell and feel.

What do they smell like?

Your scent guide to each sign is here direct from StarSign Scent HQ, Description are written by Sasha deBretton.


Being an Aries, you are courageous, optimistic and confident with a tendency to be impatient and impulsive

I find Aries to be a very seductive and sensual fragrance that’s a soft oriental in its essence, unique and inviting, it envelopes you in.
It’s one on my personal favourites, smelling warm and luscious with spicy notes of the bergamot mixed with floral and fresh notes of orange and citrus, the cedar wood gives it a woody but ever so slightly sweet balsamic kiss, and the cinnamon one of my most desired aromas creating this spicy, warm sweet fragrance that should capture the attention of many who are as intrigued as you will be.

Ingredients: Distilled water, clary sage, bergamot, cedarwood, holy Basil, lavender, cinnamon leaf, vetiver, clove leaf, eucalyptus, decyl glucoside

aries perfume


Taureans are patient, devoted and responsible beings with a tendency to be stubborn and controlling.

Just like the star sign traits of loyal, devoted and earthy, this fragrance is a soft oriental in appearance, feminine with the right hint of woody aroma from the touch of cedarwood, balanced with the warm citrus notes of Bergamot which has orange in it, so what you get is delicious mix of floral and fresh notes from the orange & citrus, it’s fruity, then woody, earthy and peppery from the cedar giving it a soft spicy floral aroma…but that’s not all…
Then comes the background hint of rosemary which is strong and fresh, camphor-like and with a trace of woody-balsamic and the patchouli is earthy, to match with your star sign so it soft but smoky, spicy but musky all blended in perfect harmony to give you a very alluring, sumptuous mix of soft floral with sweet spice and a musky overtone which I just love musk, so sexy.

Ingredients: Distilled water, cedarwood, frankincense, lavender, rosemary, peru balsam, bergamot, patchouli, holy basil, vetiver, decyl glucoside.

taurus perfume


The twin – Gemini are known to be gentle, affectionate and quick to adapt to any environment. You have a tendency to be indecisive and nervous.

I love this mix, just like the twin of your star sign, everything has a duality, another side, so we have mixed this formulation to be as surprising as you are…
What I love about it straight off the bat, is its fresh and crisp and that comes from the lemon, its clean and citrusy with a hint of spice…
The we counter-balance the citrus with the Patchouli which calms down the crispness as it is earthy and smoky, spicy and musky, what a great combination.
With a hint of woody aroma from the touch of cedarwood and the sweet floral hint from geranium, this gives you a fragrance that is fresh in the top note and settles down into a softly sweet, slightly spicy, musky blend.
I love Gemini, it’s really pretty and I find it smells really intriguing and alluring, you can’t stop smelling it, so it makes you want to come back for more… that’s always a good thing!

Ingredients: Distilled water, Petitgrain stem, lemon, peru balsam, lavender, patchouli, cedarwood, geranium, myrtle, decyl glucoside.

gemini perfume


Cancerians are a tenacious, highly imaginative, sympathetic star sign with tendencies to be pessimistic and insecure.

Its warm and sexy straight off the bat and it has a deep oriental, musky fragrance to it with a touch of sweet but it’s not sweet, it’s a perfect blend of heaven is all I can say to describe it! You just have to try this…

The Juniper Berry is fresh, green and fruity with balsamic undertones.
The rosewood is sweet, woody-floral, with just a hint of spice, balancing out the fresh juniper berry.
Then comes into play the cardamom which is one of my all-time fav’s, I just love this spice so much…
The grapefruit in it is citrus, floral, and fruity all at the same time and this perfume, with the combination of freshness from citrus and spice from cardamom settles into your skin with a very warm, rich, intensely beautiful aroma, I just can’t get enough of this one, I LOVE it, its divine!
Lucky cancer’s, I have something really special here for you… you must try this!

Ingredients: Distilled water, Juniper berry, rosewood, petitgrain, cardamom, spearmint, clary sage, frankincense, black pepper, grapefruit, decyl glucoside

cancer perfume


Being a Leo, you have guiding strengths of passion, generosity and humour with the tendency to be stubborn and determined.

LEO, I have blended the oils that help the personality traits of Leo’s who are determined, stubborn, generous, natural born leaders, loyal so I started with cinnamon as I love this spice, one of my favourites.

The perfume smells slightly woody, musky, oriental. I personally love a soft oriental fragrance more so than a citrus or sweet floral, I like the sexiness of musk and the warmth of the spices and this is what I have created here, ‘sexy in a bottle’ just like us Leo’s who hold a good sense of self-esteem.
Its rich, warm and alluring (like us Leo’s) you should adore this, I do!

A blend of Bergamot which gives that sweet orange, a perfect mix with the cinnamon spice, then I have rosemary for its aromatic strength, just like us strong minded Leo’s, lavender to calm us down when we get a bit over excited and need to relax and the rich essence of clove which is warm and spicy (just like Leo’s) with a woody scent, a slight hint of luxurious leather balanced out with fennel, very sweet and anise-like with a slight earthy-peppery smell, so here I have blended sweet with spice and all things nice and I think this pretty much sums up a Leo, it’s a strong alluring perfume and settles into your skin like a good old best friend…
Its sexy, watch out Leo’s, you will attract mates with this one!

Ingredients: Distilled water, clary sage, cinnamon leaf, vetiver, clove leaf, eucalyptus, bergamot, fennel, lavender, grapefruit, decyl glucoside.

leo perfume


Virgo is a loyal, analytical and hardworking individual who has the tendency to worry and be over critical.

This is a stunning fragrance as complex and beautiful as you are Virgo’s!
The mix of the best of the essential oils, you get a lot of a great ingredients in this bottle, all my favourites, these oils are so good for your body and how does it smell you ask?
Divine I say, I love it…
Really, this is such a beautiful fragrance, its so pretty, yet strong, soft and sweet at the same time, I love its freshness and vibrancy.
It smells like summer and the fields of the beautiful perfume you get in the air from wonderful aroma of nature’s flowers.

There are citrus hints and orange notes, and this is like a little piece of heaven, you can’t stop smelling it. Stunning, you must try…
Bergamot with its hint of orange comes through in this perfume, mixed with musky spice of cedarwood. The lavender is not evident in the smell but it’s in there in the background to keep you calm, but what does come through it Lavender’s fresh, herbaceous and floral notes.
The geranium which is sweet and floral and puts a spring in your step, is balanced with the woody notes of cedar.
I absolutely love this one, shame I am not a Virgo, yet I where it anyway as I love it, lots of great ingredients in a bottle to not only make you smell amazing but feel great.

Ingredients: Distilled water, cedarwood, patchouli, lavender, vetiver, rosemary, peru balsam, geranium, bergamot, wild orange, decyl glucoside.

virgo perfume


Libra is co-operative, diplomatic and gracious with a tendency to avoid confrontation and carry a grudge.

This is a soft and balanced fragrance, diplomatic, just like Librans.
The top notes come across as citrus with the fresh crispness you get from the lemon, then you have a little punch or aromatic rosemary and the floral hint of lavender which you can’t smell but there is a hedonistic nostalgic aroma to this fragrance.
The patchouli and sandalwood give it an earthy, musky hint to it so it’s a beautiful balance. It settles so pleasingly on the skin, it’s a really interestingly, gorgeous fragrance. It’s intriguing, makes you want to come back for more, I love its uniqueness and you will love its surprises too!

Ingredients: Distilled water, Petitgrain stem, lemon, peru balsam, lavender, patchouli, holy basil, rosemary, sandalwood, decyl glucoside.

libra perfume


Scorpio is a brave and passionate sign with tendencies to be jealous and secretive.

I really LOVE this Scorpio perfume, it’s sexy, and sensuous just like the Scorpio girl herself…
On the top notes, there is a soft hint of citrus mixed with calming undertones of spearmint and lavender to soften the sometimes over passionate sides of Scorpio, but then you get hit with the sexy side of this stunning fragrance where I have cleverly crafted the warm, spicy-herbaceous essential oils of cardamom mixed with the spicier tones of rosewood and juniper berry all softened with the sweet floral of geranium.

You breathe in this stunning aroma of sensuality… it’s fresh, citrusy, softly floral then develops to richer woody undertones with just a hint of spice. I LOVE and know you will too.

Cardamom is great for your LOVE life so spray, spray, spray away.

Ingredients: Distilled water, Juniper berry, rosewood, petitgrain, cardamom, spearmint, wild orange, lavender, geranium, decyl glucoside.

scorpio perfume


Sagittarius is a generous and idealistic being with a great sense of humour. This sign has tendencies to be impatient and undiplomatic

I just love this fragrance, I am a LEO, but I used my Sagittarius sample up first as I wore it every day, everyone commented on it. ‘What are you wearing’, It was so nice to be able to say…’My own range of natural fragrance’ proudly…
I also dropped some in my handbag and every time I opened my bag, I had this waft of a stunning aroma coming out for weeks, it became my firm favourite.
It’s a gorgeous mix of a little bit of spice, mixed with soft floral and musk, I am such a musk fan, it’s a beautiful blend and balance of my three favourite scents.
The mix of spice from clove and a touch of sweetness from cinnamon, my favourite spice of all spices, the soft floral sweetness of geranium flower, the grounding but sweet fennel mixed with lavender for calming, and the earthiness of clary sage, this is just a hedonistic blend of soft floral, sweet and spice, Sagi’s, you are going to love this one, its beautiful just like you are.

Ingredients: Distilled water, clary sage, cinnamon leaf, vetiver, clove leaf, eucalyptus, fennel, lavender, geranium, decyl glucoside.

sagitarius perfume


Capricorn is a responsible, disciplined controlled sign with tendencies to be unforgiving and to worry.

This is a beautiful hit of heady loveliness…
As soon as I spray it on my skin I am enraptured. It’s a perfect balance, cautious like Capricorns, not over-powering, quietly spoken but really quite sublime, its intriguing and original and I think a perfect blend for a responsible, disciplined Capricorn.
It smells fresh and vibrant to give you a spring in your step and take your worries away.
Citrus on the top note, then developing into a soft woody hue from the cedarwood and patchouli, a hint of floral from the geranium, this mix is an original blend, its fresh and crisp just like autumn mornings, and warm like autumn afternoons, I really love this and I think you will be intrigued to!

Ingredients: Distilled water, cedarwood, patchouli, lavender, vetiver, rosemary, peru balsam, geranium, black spruce, decyl glucoside.

capricorn perfume


Aquarians are a progressive sign who have original ideas and humanitarian traits. They have a tendency to be temperamental and aloof.

Ooohhhh I love this fragrance, from the first second you spray it, its very stunning, what comes through for me is a softly spoken sweetness with an earthy musk and soft oriental spice, this is delicious, I could lick my arm I sprayed it on and I really could because they are natural!
It’s that delicious, this is definitely a front runner for me in my range.
I’m proud of this, its really gorgeous, you just have to try it.
To me its very sexy and I think you will get comments about this one, I am wearing it out on a date tonight so there you have it!

I love frankincense, it creates the soft spice, soft musk, soft floral mix with the hint of citrus from the lemon, the earthy, smoky, spicy and musky elements of patchouli and the sweet floral hints from geranium, combines to be a beautiful fragrance, I’m in love with it!
To me, this Aquarius blend is a match made in heaven, I adore it, hope you do to!

Ingredients: Distilled water, petitgrain stem, lemon, peru balsam, lavender, patchouli, geranium, frankincense, decyl glucoside

aquarius perfume


Pisces are known to be compassionate, intuitive and wise with a tendency to be fearful and overly trusting

This is such an exotic blend. A soft oriental, this smells like romance to me, I love it, another one of my favourites.
My mum is a Pisces, a wonderful warm, sensitive, caring woman, and I hope you enjoy this just as much as she does…It’s such a treat to give someone special their own StarSign perfume, great gift idea don’t you think?
So how does it smell?
Its really special, its beautiful balance of blends of some of my favourite scents.
Its got a soft earthiness from the juniper berry which is also fresh and green and the sweetness of the mandarin which is also warm and inviting, citrusy and fruity with a soft floral aroma, these elements mixed with the woody aroma of the frankincense with is fruity, peppery and spicy tones, leaves the scent on the skin of a fragrance that is rich in depth, warm and soft all at the same time.
This is a fragrance of substance, a perfect harmony of delightfulness, sweet, spicy, sexy, heaven, yum, yum, yum, you need to try it!

Ingredients: Distilled water, juniper berry, rosewood, petitgrain, cardamom, spearmint, holy basil, rosemary, mandarin, frankincense, decyl glucoside

pisces perfume

All StarSign Scent fragrances are paraben free, phthalate free, toxin free, vegan, 100% Australian made natural beauty. Don’t get chronic fatigue like I did from toxic perfumes…Its time for change and we have specially created this for everyone in the world to smell amazing, feel amazing and be amazing

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