Spring Skincare Guide

As the seasons change so should our skincare routine.

It's now time to lighten up our skincare routine and prepare for the warmer, sunnier seasons and be prepared to show off more of our skin with confidence.

Top skincare tips for spring:


Mild exfoliation on your face and body twice per week will remove unwanted dead skin cells and reveal a healthy radiant glow. Remember not all scrubs are made for the face and body. Choose products with non irritants and remember to much of a good thing often isn't. Depending on your skin type 1-3 times a week is recommended. Our gentle Resurfacing Crystals are made for all skin types and will leave the skin looking and feeling glowy it's brightening properties .


Sun protection

Appropriate sun protection is a non negotiable all year around but as we have more skin exposed during the warmer months it's time to level up. SPF, wide brimmed hats, sunglasses and protective clothing are essential or prevention and protection.

Fake tans are in! There are some beautiful natural and toxic free solutions out there. No sun baking please! We love GC Self Tanning Mousse for a healthy, natural glow.

Refresh with a toning mist

Gone are the days of alcohol filled toners and tonics. Restore your skin with an instant moisture boost packed full of botanicals. A great way to freshen up makeup with a spritz and a beautiful way to flood your skin in antioxidants and skin loving ingredients. Look for natural beauty boosting toners without any nasties like our Revitalising Toning Mist.


Lighten things up

Ditch heavy creams and thick foundations and look for lighter options more appropriate for the hot weather. Mineral makeup is perfect for this time of year to give your skin a chance to breath and avoid congestion.


Eye Cream

You are never to young to add an eye cream into your skincare routine. Even if your looking to simplify your skincare routine for summer an eye cream is an essential. Sunny days mean we are more prone to squinting and sun exposure. Preventing and protecting this delicate area will keep your eyes bright and radiant. Our Renewing Eye Cream is the perfect blend packed with antioxidants and anti- inflammatory properties to protect and restore, this is an anti-ageing essential and is suitable for all skin types.

eye cream blush essentials

Hydrate and eat well

Now the good food and plenty of water rule applies all year round but how about adding a little something extra like some cucumber, strawberries or citrus to your water for an extra boost.

Spring Clean your beauty drawer

When was the last time you did a good clear out of your makeup and beauty products?? If its been a while its something I urge you to do now! If you have items you have been hoarding, 5 different (open) mascaras to choose from, lips sticks you barely wear and a shelf full of skincare goodies just sitting there, consider wether they might have reached their shelf life date? You are possibly holding on to products that won't be as effective anymore or worse are a lovely little home for harmful bacteria to live. Cant remember the last time you used something? Bin it! Make room for the products you love.

Now time to start implementing these spring skin tips and enjoy your glowy spring skin.

Do you have any spring skin tips you would like to share? You can reply in the comments.

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