Why a good nights sleep is beneficial to your skincare routine

Your Sleep + Skin

They don’t call it ‘beauty sleep’ for nothing.

According to leading dermatologists. Sleep is important for all of the body’s systems and their functioning including the SKIN. Developing a healthy nighttime skin-care routine along getting enough rest  can make an impact on how skin looks in the morning.

Lack of sleep can increase inflammation and levels of the stress hormone which can aggravate the skin and existing conditions. Interesting hey?

If a good nights sleep is hard to come by due lifestyle, kids or other reasons like anxiety. Try implementing steps to make your bed time routine as relaxing as possible. Routines are not just for little ones. Setting your self up with a night time routine is a great way to train the brain to wind down and get ready for a good rest.

It is also really important to associate your bedroom as a place of rest. No distractions. Not a place to hang out during the day, work or watch tv. A place your brain and body knows is for sleep.

Some suggestions to implement into your night time routine:

No screen time at least 30 - 60 mins before bed

Essential oils can be applied topically or diffused in your room. Lavender is well known for its relaxation benefits.

A good nighttime skincare routine (it’s also relaxing). Turn your skincare routine into a nightly beauty ritual with our luxurious natural range at Blush Essentials.



Find a routine that works for you and make it your night time ritual and a way of preparing yourself for sleep.

Happy Resting 


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