Seven Day Self Care Challenge

Your 7 Day Self Care Challenge 

I have just completed my own seven days of self care challenge and wanted to share it with you. Are you up for the challenge? I shared my daily self care taks in our stories over @blush.essentials. I would love for you to come over there and say hi and if you do the challenge tag us @blush.essentials #glowwithblush. 
Busy mamas and biz ladies everywhere are running around and doing it all and sometimes it’s easy to forget to give back to your self too. I wanted to focus on the little things that I could put into my week to really level up my self care and make myself a priority again too.
There is a task assigned for each day of the week but you can really mix it up and make it work around your personal schedule and lifestyle.
self care challenge - blush essentials
I really enjoyed making the conscious effort each day to do something for myself, something that fills up my cup.
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