Night time skincare routine

A skincare routine is a highly personal thing, find what works for you and be consistent. That my lovely is a recipe for gorgeously happy skin.

Skincare at night should be a ritual, but your skincare routine shouldn't take ages. ( unless you want it too that is 😌 )

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Here are some short and sweet steps to give your skin the cleansing, cleaning and nourishing it deserves after a long day.

1. Remove your makeup

Before you cleanse remover excess makeup with water and a resuable makeup pad this will allow your cleanser to work more effectively.

Tip: don't use makeup wipes. They often have irritants on them and are a less sustainable beauty option.

2. Cleanse.

No matter your skin type, a gentle cleanser that won't strip your skin of natural oil  is essential. You can opt for a double cleanse if you are quite oily, wearing heavy makeup or sunscreen. This is one of the most crucial and essential skincare steps to remove daily pollutants, makeup and sunscreen and have cleansed canvas to apply the rest of your products too.

3. Serum

Apply your serums serum to damp skin. This is a great beauty hack. Remember serums are designed to absorb quickly into the deep layers of the skin and should always be applied before your moisturiser or oils.

4. Eye Cream ( I love this step )

This is the ultimate ageing prevention step. Taking care of this delicate area early is a true beauty hack. The skin under and arounds is very delicate so keeping it moisturised will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and brighten this area.

5. Moisturise with one of our luxurious moisturisers

Moisturising is an important step in every skincare routine. Moisturising protects and nourishes skin cells. Moisturisers help prevent dryness, dullness and deliver the skin ingredients to maintain a healthy glow.

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6. Time to get your beauty sleep.

Sleep is important for all of the body’s systems and their functioning including the SKIN. Developing a healthy nighttime skin-care routine along getting enough rest  can make an impact on how skin looks in the morning.

blush essentials skincare

This is the perfect place to start for a dreamy night time routine.

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