How often do I need to use my skincare products?

So you have a collection of skincare products at home and you are ready to create the most worry free, uncomplicated skincare routine right??

But your unsure exactly how often you should be using each of your products and what important beauty habits need to be done and when?

Well keep reading. Let's get to the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly must haves and help you work out your perfect routine.

There is an abundance of other beautiful products you can incorporate into your daily routines but today we are just covering the essential skincare steps.

Daily Skincare


Cleansing daily is essential for removing dirt, grime, makeup and sunscreen and helping keep skin clear and happy. A gentle morning and evening cleanse is recommended for best results.


This is a MUST! It's never to late to start this skincare essential and without it all the other steps will not be as effective. Protecting and preventing against various skin concerns and damage before treating it makes sense right?


Maintain hydration and give your skin a boost of goodness after your cleansing routine will ensure your skin stays smooth, soft and protected from premature ageing. Depending on your skin type, concerns you can opt for a moisturising cream, lotion or oil.

Nourish your body

We all know that it takes more then just a good skincare routine to achieve a healthy glowing complexion. There are many factors that contribute to the skins health and appearance.When we start to consider our lifestyle and diet as apart of our skincare routine we can set our self up for skincare success.Eating a balanced and healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals is another important step in your skincare routine.

Weekly Skincare


An important step in your weekly routine to clean and clear pores, refine and reveal a radiant glowy complexion. Bare in mind to much of a good thing... isn't. Pay attention to your skin type and needs. A sensitive skin would suit exfoliating once per week and an oily skin may require 2-3 per week, Don't over do it. This will ensure your skin is happy and will help avoid breakouts.

Mask Night

At Blush we are all about our weekly Clay mask fix. 1-2 times a week is perfect for treating your skin a little extra special.  Clay Masks are a completely natural way to detoxify, cleanse, purify, exfoliate and beautify your skin without any negative side effects.

Change your pillow case and linen

1-2 times a week! Don't ruin a good skincare routine by sleeping on a pillow case covered in dead skin cells, skincare residue and more. This is an excellent beauty habit to instil now if you haven't already.

Monthly Skincare

Check expiry dates on skincare and makeup items.

Its important not to use products past their expiry date not only for their effectiveness but to avoid adverse reactions.

Yearly Skincare

Reassess your skincare routine

As we age and as our skin changes its important to take a look at your skincare routine and tweak if needed. Your skin concerns and needs may have changed therefor you should adapt your skincare routine to suit.

Skin check

This is a must annually. Weather you are a sun lover or indoor type of gal its important to schedule this important check up annually. Note any suspicious changes in your skin and see a professional. This is a life saving skincare step!

Now get to it!

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