Healthy Beauty Habits Guide

Spring clean your beauty shelf and makeup bag

When was the last time you did a good clear out of your makeup and beauty products?? If its been a while its something I urge you to do now! If you have items you have been hoarding, 5 different (open) mascaras to choose from, lips sticks you barely wear and a shelf full of skincare goodies just sitting there, consider wether they might have reached their shelf life date? You are possibly holding on to products that won't be as effective anymore or worse are a lovely little home for harmful bacteria to live. Cant remember the last time you used something? Bin it! Make room for the products you love.

Shelf life guide below.:

Keep your bed linen fresh

If your not already washing your sheets once a week then you should be. Another habit to adapt along with this is to wash your pillowcases twice a week. Yes the laundry is already piling up but so is excess product , sweat, dead skin and bacteria loving residue on your pillow cases eewwwwww. The last thing we want to do after adapting a great skincare routine is go to sleep on a pillow full of germs!

Keep it clean baby!

If you can't tell this post is basically a beauty clean up. Think about what touches your face daily?? Your hands, your phone, towels and your makeup brushes! 


Clean your phone screen regularly.

Don't touch your face. Ever! No kidding haha but make sure your hands are clean.

Clean those makeup brushes regularly and use an in between cleans spray. Can you just imagine whats living on them? Ew! I'll pop a great little DIY recipe below.

6 Drops Tea Tree Oil

4 Drops Lavender 

10 Drops Solbulizer 

Distilled water to top 

Glass spray bottle

Yep that’s it 🙌🏻🙌🏻🍃

Ditch the synthetic fragrances 

Yes those beautiful little bottles of perfume need to go. If your on a clean beauty crusade these should be the first to go. Truth be told i ditched the use of perfume in my first few weeks of my pregnancy with my first daughter. After reading and learning what goes in to  these over priced scents it was very easy letting go. Common ingredients found in perfumes are: acetone, ethanol, benzaldehyde, formaldehyde, limonene, methylene chloride, camphor, ethyl acetate, linalool and benzyl alcohol. All on the AVOID ME list!

There are beautiful natural options available like our Blush Essentials QUEEN roller perfume. Containing nothing but goodness!

You can now also purchase the incredible StarSign Scents range in our online store.

100% Natural non toxic perfumes carefully created to match your star sign traits.

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star sign scents natural perfume

Clean up your diet

As they say healthy inside - healthy outside. The biggest piece of the puzzle when it comes to health and beauty is what we are eating and drinking. Avoiding and or cutting back on processed foods, dairy, sugars and alcohol to name a few could be the key to your skin care woes. I know diet is the number one cause of flare ups for myself personally. So being mindful on what I'm eating and how much of it is something I am very conscious of.

I'd love to which of these healthy beauty habits you are already doing? And which is first on your list to give a go?

Don't forget to head over to the store and check out our clean beauty products here. have a beautiful day! 

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