Cultivating confidence with Miranda Kuzmanovic @herparade

Every woman deserves to feel confident, confident in their own unique beauty and confident in their abilities.

A big part of my ‘why’ for starting Blush Essentials was just this. To help and inspire others to take care of themselves, to love themselves for who they are and step their best foot forward with confidence in their own skin and beauty.

When I finished my beauty diploma I hit a road block and was stuck with my own limiting beliefs and was essentially standing in my own way. Am I good enough? Who wants to listen to what I have to share? My skin isn't perfect so I can't talk about it..... 

Finding the courage to believe in yourself and walk confidently isn't always easy so finding and using tools for guidance is extremely helpful.

When I came across HerParade I was instantly drawn to the empowering energy and soon began looking forward to seeing the daily quote or affirmation to help set the tone for my day as a woman, a mother and a woman in biz. You can follow along and be inspired daily at the HerParade Instagram here

HerParade is a women empowerment page and blog that exists to empower, inspire and support women to be more confident in their everyday lives. How amazing!

Founded and run by Miranda Kuzmanovic who has created a supportive and encouraging community around her and shares information, tools and tips to help you be your best, most confident you!

Miranda has kindly given us some time to chat a little about HerParade and her #walkwithconfidence campaign and has also put together the top 10 quotes from the blog and IG page  and tips to help inspire and cultivate more confidence.

 1) What inspired you to start HerParade?

Confidence has always been something I've struggled with, and I know I'm not the only one. Growing up, I always thought that others were better than me, more beautiful or more talented and I felt no matter how hard I tried, I could never be like 'them', or I didn't deserve to be recognised. Over time I've learnt some lessons, learnt more about  myself and about confidence, as well as tools to help me face challenging situations where my confidence was called into check. This was especially so when I started my career and further when I moved overseas to Germany for work. I talk a lot about my German experience, because that's really where I had to take my confidence to a whole new level. It's quite a story and maybe too long to repeat here, but if anyone is interested, they can read more about that here ( 

I created HerParade for the purpose of sending important messages to women that I learnt from my own experiences, so that they could bypass some of my learning curves quicker. I'm really passionate about helping women and women lead causes, and seeing women grow and flourish - it brings me a certain happiness and joy that I can't quite explain.  Confidence is a complex topic, determined and influenced by so many factors. I think so many women struggle with confidence in so many different ways. But from what I've seen and experienced, a woman's confidence really underpins the success of everything in her life, from relationships to work, it's just so important! So I want women to see HerParade's messages and informative content and be empowered and inspired to apply it to their own lives and pass it on to others they know. One beautiful lady who follows our Page said that she repeated HerParade posts to her clients at the gym for inspiration and motivation! I want every woman to know that regardless of the circumstances, they can overcome challenges that they face on a daily basis and be confident. 

2) What does the HerParade's name stand for?

HerParade envisages a woman, walking tall and confidently, with onlookers surrounding her and cheering her on. The woman in the centre is the reader (you), and the onlookers cheering her on is the HerParade community.
I really believe we are living the HerParade brand on a daily basis; through our daily messages on social media, to providing a platform for women on our blog, and now to our new weekly activities in our Facebook Community Group where we let members take over or self-promote on our Stories. There's still so much to come for HerParade.

3) Tell us about the #walkwithconfidence campaign:

Our name HerParade is all about a woman walking tall and confidently, so this campaign is an extension of that. This campaign is all about each and every woman, from all around the globe, walking with confidence. We want each woman presenting themselves confidently, and step by step truly believing in themselves, their value and worth. It's also scientifically proven that changing your body language can boost your confidence. We also created a #walkwithconfidence campaign tee, presenting a symbol of women's confidence. The tee is also ethically and sustainably made in Australia out of 100% organic cotton, with 30% of each tee sale donated to women-lead charity Drought Angels. We really wanted to design a campaign tee that gave women no excuse but to feel great wearing , as well as support other women-lead causes. 

4) Tips for cultivating more confidence:

If someone is struggling for confidence I think it's important to do or consider the following:
- Give yourself some positive self talk - I tell myself things like,"I've got this" or "I can do it". Sometimes I take a break or some space from an issue to get some perspective and come back to it.
- Changing your body language. For instance I change my posture by straightening my back and pulling back my shoulders when I have an important message to convey, whether it be on the phone or meeting someone face to face.
- Believing in yourself and your abilities. This is so important. if I don't know something then I admit it to myself and others and take the time to find out. 
- Knowing who you are and what you stand for is vital
Want to know more about the #walkwithconfidence campaign??
You can head the the HerParade website here


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As a business owner in the beauty industry it is my mission to support and encourage women to take care of themselves, feel confident in their own skin and share realistic beauty standards for the modern woman.  We are all unique and beautiful in our own way and implementing ways to nurture this and let our own light shine through with confidence is the first step on the road to achieving your dreams in all stages of life.
Miranda has kindly sourced her Top 10 quotes for cultivating more confidence:
Feel free to use these to boost your own confidence in your daily lives. They are a great way to start the day.
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We welcome your own personal tips for cultivating more confidence in the comments.
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  • Thanks so much for the feature! I hope with this article that we help all women find their confidence x

    Miranda Kuzmanovic
  • This blog has landed at just the right time for me, about to start something new but feeling some self-doubt. I’m going to focus on positive self-talk and visualising what I want to achieve to support my confidence.x


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