Beauty Tips from Babes in Business


We are kickstarting our first blog post of the year with a little inspiration and motivation from some fierce and fabulous women in business.

Sharing their go-to beauty/health tip for you to add into your beauty routines!

There is an definitely a theme here without intention and it's all about implementing the easiest and most effective methods to boost your beauty.

I am always going in about self care and the importance of healthy choices and for good reason. 

No matter what you want to achieve in life if you start with yourself first you can do anything.

Top Beauty Tips from Babes in Business.

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“My number one health/beauty tip is to INVEST IN IT. Prioritise yourself and the products you use. It can be hard to do this sometimes but the benefits are so worth it. Having the right foundation of a beautiful skincare routine with 100% natural products will enhance your skin and your also your health. Also adding in supplements to your everyday routine will help to elevate your skincare products, improve your collagen levels and increase hydration levels. Do some research, read every label and prioritise yourself every single day ️”

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"Beauty starts from the inside out and my #1 Tip is start from within. So always start with doing what makes you happy.

I always and for many years take supplements which include probiotic, magnesium, Vit D (I’m deficient) and Fish Oil as our bodies simply don’t produce enough naturally. Being a full time Mum of two and in a full time job these really help to keep me on track along with healthy food choices.

When is comes to skincare I can tell you that I always remove my make up and have makeup free days. It’s great to give our skin a break and replenish naturally.

The key to me maintaining healthy and vibrant skin is that is I use Argan Oil almost everyday and this is because I grew up watching my mum use Argan Oil, I was amazed to see this beauty secret actually works. It’s my primer, moisturiser, high lighter! U name it! I make it work for me! 1 Oil with so many uses. It’s my ultimate multitasker."

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"Ditch & Switch - One Product at a time!"

I love making the switch to healthier/safer/less toxic product alternatives! We all know there is an abundance of foods and products with a cocktail of added sugars, preservatives, parabens, chemicals and hidden nasties... Ingredients I know I don’t want anywhere inside my body or on my skin! 

But just as there is no one-size-fits-all beauty and health routine, our reasons for ‘making the switch’ to clean living will always be varied and personal but we all have the same desire to make better, healthier and safer choices for ourselves, our bodies, our skin, our family and mother earth.

So I bet you are wondering where to begin with ditching the bad and switching to the good!? 

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula or quick rules when it comes to the ‘how’, though here are some ways I recommend you can start to make small changes so it works for your lifestyle!


Switch out the bad products that cover the largest areas of your skin - OR - the ‘leave-ons'; items that stay in contact with your skin for long periods of time, like moisturisers and makeup before ‘rinse-offs’; items that come into contact with your skin and get washed off quickly like cleanser, shampoo and conditioner. 


Start small - switch white pasta for whole wheat, white potato for sweet potato, white rice for brown or 'cauli' rice, fruit juice for actual fruit, white bread for rye or whole meal, make your own sauces and dressings (lots of healthy recipes online), chips for popcorn, milk chocolate for dark or organic. 

Also start to learn how to read food labels correctly so you can make well informed choices.

Still unsure how to start?   

Our Beautifully Well Boxes have helped thousands of ladies make the switch to living a healthy, natural, non-toxic lifestyle! Our Beauty & Wellness boxes are the perfect way to discover your new favourite good-for-you Aussie brands and products (like Blush Essentials) without the confusing and frustrating research and shopping experience.

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My top beauty / health tip is to drink more water!! Proper hydration plays a key role in so many areas of our lives that, due to ongoing dehydration, some of us may not even realise that by simply upping our water intake, some issues / symptoms may be resolved.

Drinking water is the cheapest way to help our skin look younger + healthier! Upping our water intake hydrates our cells and reduces the look of wrinkles + lines on our faces. Imagine if you drank enough water AND nailed your Blushed Essentials routine every day ;)

Dehydration also makes you feel tired. Combine dehydration with a busy lifestyle and you’re bound to suffer from low energy. The next time you feel this way, up your water intake! By doing so, your heart will be able to pump blood throughout your body more efficiently which allows for essential nutrients and oxygen to get to where it’s needed quicker. I’m willing to put money on the fact that you’ll have more energy in no time by simply drinking more water!

Cheeky little bonus tip if you’re on a weight-loss journey: drink a glass of water before eating each meal! Our brains have a funny way of confusing hunger, boredom, and thirst so drinking before your consume food will help your body help to determine what it actually needs/how much food it actually needs.

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My beauty tip: Double Cleanse your face every morning! Use an oil based cleanser first to remove all your makeup and follow with a water based cleanser to remove whatever is left behind. A beauty secret I swear by every morning - it keeps my face feeling fresh, clean and glowy.

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My top beauty tip is to protect your skin and start now! It's never to late. As a mama in her mid 30"s this is a tip I wish I had drilled into myself long long ago. Wear your sunscreen, sunglasses, hats and if you are having a big day outdoors bring appropriate clothing to cover up when needed. Another thing you should not leave out is your yearly skin check! It could save your life.

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Number one beauty tip would be to Drink more water!
Not only for your skin but for your overall health. Drinking water and staying hydrated is definitely an underrated beauty treatment but goes without saying it’s one of the best and the easiest to incorporate into your daily habits. If your not drinking AT LEAST a minimum 8 glasses of water/2L a day your not drinking enough. Water plays an integral part in your digestion, circulation, brain function, complexion, PH balance and so much more. Drinking more water daily will improve your body’s daily functions and of course your skin will thank you for it!

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Our top beauty/health tip would be: always drink enough water and hydrate your body, this will help you look, feel and function your absolute best. 


“I believe in living a healthy balanced lifestyle.”


I hope this post has given you a little boost of natural beauty motivation and we would love to know your top beauty tips in the comments!

Stay safe, stay beautiful and just be yourself always.



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