Autumn Skincare Tips

Skincare tips to help your transition from Summer to Autumn.

We all love the summer months, sunshine, trips to the beach, hot days and nights and all the fun but all this outdoor activity can leave the skin in need of some TLC.

Its time to start repairing and preparing your skin for what the cooler seasons bring. Dryness, increased sensitivity, winds and cold air can play havoc on the skin.

As we move through the seasons each year it's important to adjust your skincare routine to suit.

5 Tips for success as the seasons change:

1. Wear SPF all year around. The summer heat may be fading but don't be fooled the sun can and will cause damage all year around. The biggest undoing you can make when it comes to your skincare routine is skipping this step.

autumn skincare tips

2. Eat seasonally. Go beyond topical skincare. It is important to compliment your skincare routine with a nutritional and seasonal diet. As the cooler months approach and skin tends to start drying out eat water rich foods for an extra boost! Your cells will love you for it.

autumn skincare tips

3. If you made the switch to a lighter moisturiser for summer you may (if your skin type desires) need to move back onto a richer moisturiser again. Heaters, winds and the seasonal change may see your skin looking a little dull and this will ensure you keep your skin barrier happy.

autumn skincare tips

4. Charge up your routine with a instant hydration boost by adding a Hyaluronic Acid Serum. This will help lock in moisture, plump the skin and keep your cells happy without overloading. This is an excellent addition to any skincare routine and is suitable and recommended for all skin types.

autumn skincare tips

5. Don't use single use makeup wipes. Most of these products contain alcohol or ingredients that further dry out your skin. Use a soft, reusable makeup remover pad with just plain water. Do this step first and then follow with a gentle cleanse and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!


reusable makeup remover pad

So, there you have it, our autumn skincare tips to help repair summer kissed skin, and get  your skin feeling calm, hydrated and ready for the cooler months ahead. 

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