25 Self Care Ideas

There is no better time to practice self care then now. We need it now more then ever. Embedding this into our daily routines allows us to focus on true holistic wellness which supports our emotional, mental, and social health.

Taking care of yourself is just as important and taking care of the other things on your to do list too. In fact when you take care of yourself better and allow yourself to become a priority too it will allow you to take care of the rest better too.

I thought I would put together a list of ways to practice self care at home. Habits we can implement into our daily/ weekly routines while we are is self isolation, that we can then take forward with us into the future.

25 Self Care Ideas

1.  DIY facial / facemask / skincare ritual

2. Hair Treatment

3. Body scrub

4. Call / face time friends and loved ones

5. Cook a healthy meal

6. Do a home workout

7. Read ( outside in the garden a bonus)

8. Draw / Colour in - its not just for kids it is very therapeutic

9. Dance

10. Stretching session

11. Yoga / Pilates 

12. Declutter

13. Gardening

14. Journal

15. Cuppa tea / smoothie - sit down and relax whilst drinking

16. Write down goals / positive affirmations

17. Bubble bath

18. Diffuse essential oils

19. Look at the stars

20. Take a mental health day

21. Have a picnic in your garden

22. Get dressed up with no where to go

23. Listen to a podcast 

24. Create a vision board

25. Make a Spotify playlist based on what will uplift you

You will be able to divide this list into daily/ weekly tasks depending on your lifestyle.

I encourage you to start using this list as a guide of activities that are good for the soul. Coping mechanisms for a happy and healthy life.

We love seeing how you practice self care.

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Make the time for you. You deserve it!


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