10 Things to stop doing to your skin now

10 Things to stop doing to your skin now:

Here is a list of 10 things I want you to stop doing to your skin now.  Less is more when it comes to health, beauty and skincare.


Stop with Micellar water and cleansing wipes. They contain known irritants and if not washed off can upset your skins barrier


Stop skipping your SPF. Do not skip your SPF ever.


Stop buying things just because an ‘influencer’ told you too. Do your research first


Stop washing your face with scolding hot water. I know a hot shower is good but keep it to a Luke warm temp when doing your skin steps.


Stop over doing it. Do not exfoliate more then 2 times a week. Make sure not over doing it with exfoliating cleansers, scrubs, AHAs home peels ect. This can give you the reverse effect you want. You can alternate week to week if wanting mix up and try different products. Not all at once.


Do not forget to get your skin checked. Book it in! Make sure your keeping an eye out for any skin changes.


Don’t sleep in your makeup. Pretty please.


Stop picking yourself apart. You are beautiful. Flaws and all.


Stop thinking that skincare products alone are the answer to your skincare needs. Work on the inside too and start removing things from your diet that might be triggering flare ups.


Stop using skincare and makeup filled with chemicals and toxins. Start making healthier beauty care choices.

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We all have different needs in health and skincare. Get on your way to finding your perfect skincare routine by eliminating the above. Maybe you have been doing one or more of these lately. Let’s see what happens when you cut it out.

Do you need to stop doing any of the above? Let us know in the comments.

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